❤️ A favor and a ‘gift’ for all my Apple user parents! ❤️

Our first has struggled with mental health since she was four. Diagnosed early and struggling through college, it was a hard road for us all. Her co-founder was molested and raped from childhood through her college years. They both have incredibly successful careers but longed to create a company which would help change the way we teach and parent in regard to mental health and sex education. Before We Begin was founded by these two powerful young women last year, and they have just released an incredible app (Beta version, IOS only at the moment) which will serve as a tool to get animations, illustrations, articles, reports and even journaling tools into the hands of parents and children across the globe. Subjects range from anxiety and depression to sexual orientation and racism. Please help grow Before We Begin and their app, Maro, by downloading now – it’s FREE! I’ve had a peek at version ll and, I cried. So. Dang. Proud and amazed and grateful for their efforts to end ‘the talk’ and normalize mental health and sex education!!! They need more downloads to keep the investors coming. Please share this free resource and help these two amazing humans!


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