One of the many things I enjoy in my job is the variety.  Thanks to all of the personality my subjects bring to the studio, no two sessions are ever the same.  Really does make for a fun work week!  Here are some peeks at very different sessions, each special in their own magical way.  <3

 Meet sweet Jacob, an incredibly laid back little man who couldn't be any cuter!  Much more of Jacob coming soon.



Incredibly smart, beautiful, sweet Kyla.  So honored to have been capturing her since she was a newborn.  Look at her eyes... Kindness, curiosity and joy.  I adore her!!!homme

Meet Lilliana and Christian.  Are they too cute or what?!?!?!  So many more to share of these two, but here's a favorite for now.


Precious Anna was not interested in much more than being snuggled by her parents.  It was incredible to watch the spell her Daddy has on her.  He can look into her eyes and change her mood.  She's a lucky little girl!setiawan

This tiny little one is Gaia.  She was four weeks early and incredibly, did not need a single medical intervention.  Small buy mighty. :)  And such a joy to capture.  More of Gaia to come!


Amelia and Esme, four months young, were busy little ladies.  To capture them together was quite a challenge, but Mom and I worked hard!  Tah!  Dah! :)