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Hi!  Some facts about little 'ol me:  I...

  1. am a twin and one of four girls.
  2. met my hubby through friends and have been married for over 26 yrs and counting.
  3. still stare at my girls and wonder how I got so lucky.
  4. never planned to be a photographer, and started as a child & family photographer.  
  5. fell in love with newborn photography, and it will be ridiculously obvious at your session. (Sorry. hahaha)
  6. Lillybelle Rose is a creative combination of our girls' names.
  7. get chocked up over every review written <3
  8. Starbucks is a favorite treat, good day or bad
  9. recently realized we are "a dog family". IYKYK
  10. still do a happy dance when a client books a session.
    stare in awe at every newborn I'm capturing.
    luuuuuuuvvvvv working with new souls! 

After twelve years in business, I am still blown away to call Lillybelle Rose Photography my 'baby'.  I’ve always been drawn to activities involving creativity and little ones, but never imagined being a business owner/entrepreneur.  The story of how Lillybelle Rose began is a long one, but it's pages are filled with signs from above, love and encouragement.  So here I am, 12+ years later, blessed to capture hundreds and hundreds of new souls!  Capturing what means the world to you means the world to me. 

This is the best unplanned journey of my life.

Awarded: 2022- 2016 Best Chicago Newborn Photographers, 2022 "The 10 Best Newborn Photographers in Chicago"

Published:  "Laughter", Daily Hearald, Adoption Magazine, "Raising Confident Parents"

Every newborn session is an opportunity to capture all the details I know (all too well!) will change in a matter of weeks.  I feel blessed to meet each new soul, and to be trusted to care for them as I strive to freeze these memories for my clients. Every session goal is variety, details, and connection, and every newborn a gift.  The honor I feel to work with your newborn will be apparent in your gallery.

Lillybelle Rose Photography is an award winning, premier newborn photography studio serving the greater Chicago area and its surrounding suburbs, and is located in Glen Ellyn, IL.  I, Francine,  am the founder/owner, and handle every aspect of your experience from the first contact to the delivery of your gallery.  My experience and expertise is a result of over twelve years in business, extensive continuing eduction & training in newborn safety and posing, and impecable attention to safety and details.  



From the moment my new family of 3 walked through Francine’s door, we were instantly greeted with a hug. Being a new mom, I was a nervous wreck. What if my baby peed on her, what if he vomited on her!?!? She reassured me that it’s happened in the past and it’s totally ok if it happened that day! Ever since then, I’ve known she was “the one.” :) "Thank you so much for capturing such a precious moment in time for our family. We absolutely love and adore every single photo. You have such talent and we will forever cherish these memories. The quality and attention to detail is beautiful. We love them so much!" There is no one sweeter than Francine and all of the hard work she puts forth in her work really shows. I asked for one pose in particular and the moment I opened my email with my photos and had seen it, there were instant tears. She has since completed our sons 5 month photos and will be doing his 9 month in a few days. I’m always receiving compliments on Mason’s photos and I can’t speak highly enough of Francine! We love her!! ~ BW      “These are gorgeous! I absolutely love them. I love them so much that they made me teary! I can’t wait to show them to ‘my husband’, the girls, and the rest of the family. Thank you so much for helping us pause this special moment in time through this beautiful images.” ~A      Francine is extremely talented and her work is absolutely breathtaking. She has a beautiful gift capturing and bottling up moments for her clients. My young kids warmed up to her very quickly and were belly laughing within minutes for great shots! She also handled my newborn with the utmost love and care. Francine is extremely thorough and careful throughout the session – she takes care of all safety aspects (ex. positioning /props with newborns / young kids), positioning and working directly with you and/or the kids for the desired shots. It’s a great feeling to just show up for the photo session and let Francine work her magic. You’ll fall in love with Francine and her work. Promise you won’t be disappointed. ~ KA Francine is a such a pleasure to work with! Her fun and vibrant personality help to keep the session comfortable for the parents and the babies :) She is very creative and is able to perfectly capture my baby’s personality every time. I get so excited for every session with her because I know that I will have amazing photos to follow. The turnaround time is also very quick, which is much appreciated for anxious parents! ~ MM      We’ve had the good fortune of working with Francine for nearly 3 years. She truly has a gift, and I cherish the images she has artfully created for my family over the years. She has the patience of a saint and boundless positive energy. I pray that she continues to stay in the business, because there are few photographers like her! ~AW      We loved loved Lillybelle Rose Photography!! We brought in our twin girls who were born at 27 weeks and spent 3 months in NICU and with it being touch and go all the way through it was a pleasure to be in a place that was so comforting. We would totally recommend Lillybelle to anyone and go over over again if we could. ~PV      Awesome – From the time we walked in to the time we left. She IS the baby whisperer!!! The quality is incredible. ~TL Francine, I don’t want any more time to pass before you here from me! I must tell you…. I LOVE the photos. love them! I have so many favorites and they are beyond what I had even hoped for. The whole experience was wonderful. Your personality and how comfortable you made us feel in your home. The time you spent, how organized you were, how you really listened to what was shared on the survey. It was everything I had hoped for and then some. Money very well spent and I am so thankful I found you! I could go on and on and I will to anyone who is looking for a photographer! Thank you again. I will be in touch. Lillybelle Rose Photography was just what we hoped for! Francine was very patient with our newborn son! She was so welcoming and made my husband and I feel very comfortable in her home. She gave us photos we will cherish forever! Highly recommended!~ AC      We absolutely love the photos!! From Arden’s newborn photos to Arden’s one year photos, we are so pleased every time. The photos, as predicted, are stunning. You never fail to produce quality work, Francine. We truly appreciate your help in capturing these cherished moments for our family. One day, we hope that you’ll be able to capture our entire family, including our first baby (dog), Nelson. Thank you so much!! Sincerely, A, J, and A      I just had to email you back to let you know how amazing I think the pictures are. You are truly an artist! I teared up watching the slideshow, absolutely incredible. I will sing your praises loud for a long time to come, I couldn’t be more impressed. Thank you so much for taking the time and care that you did capturing my precious Gaia. These photos will be cherished :) ~ A      OMG. that is all that I can say right now. The way you captured my children….you got them. I can see them ….their personalities …in these photos. I love the one of R jumping…you don’t know but she was in Physical Therapy forever and she will probably be casted (both legs) for 10 weeks in 2013….that picture made me cry. She looks so old in the photos…where did my young girl go. The one of M just leaning back on the hill before he rolled…is so him…that is his face…ALL of the time. The one of him leaning on the rocks where you brought out your elephant. That is a true smile. A melts my heart. She was a surprise baby. She completes me. Those photos of her will forever be cherished…my last baby turning 1 was a big deal for me. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate. I can’t wait to show my husband.You will be hearing from us in 2013. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! “C.D.”      I got your e-mail before I left for work this morning and had to force myself not to open the gallery before I left for work as I knew I would never get out the door on time. I couldn’t wait to get home tonight to open it and look at all of the wonderful shots you captured. Words cannot describe what a wonderful job you did capturing my family and all the personalities that go along with each one of us. I have tears in my eyes that I have so many wonderful shots of all that really matters to me in the world! Thank you for doing such an amazing job!!!! Now the hard part is going to be choosing which one I want to make prints of. I think I have to watch the slideshow a few more times to really see the details in each picture. Thank you again for doing such an amazing job and giving us top notch treatment. I agree with your mom – you were meant to do something artistic with your life… it was a sign from above and a little nudge in the right direction. {Based on story of how it all began HERE} Thank you again!!!!! “K.F.”      You are amazing. You were meant to be a photographer. You have this acute ability to capture the perfect moments and the perfect expressions . You were great with the boys. You are so very organized as you have always responded to my inquiries in a timely manner and you now have our entire gallery on line within 3 days of photographing – I am thoroughly impressed. You have certainly touched our family. The photographs are beautiful. Thank you so very much for capturing these priceless moments in our lives. “P. & M. P.”      The photos are fabulous! We love them! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience with you! You are so creative and passionate, and I love how you get so excited! I felt so comfortable leaving both my babies and the creativity in your hands. Not only did you take such great pictures of my sweet hearts, you made a woman whose self-esteem was suffering due to the aftermath of birth, feel beautiful again. Thank you! “J.S.”      I wanted to let you know that we absolutely LOVE LOVE the pics. You are so talented!!!!!!!! You really captured all of us very well. Thank you so much. “A.D.”      WOW! What a quick turn around! WOW! What a talent you have! You’ve captured us all very well considering most of your subjects during my session don’t compare to my darling G. :) Many times I can’t believe G. is mine! She has a beautiful spirit as well as her looks. She does amaze me and you truly captured her beauty. You, are a true artist! We will have fun picking out our favs and will get in touch soon. Continued thanks “C.A.”      Photos are such an important part of our life and you only get one shot to do it right. And you do an amazing job — don’t ever let someone tell you otherwise. You were born to do this and you make memories stand still. Someday my kids will have your photos on their wedding video and their husbands/wives are going to be envious of the beauty you captured in every shot! “H.H.”      Thanks again for the great pictures. They were so good it was hard for us to decide which one to send in for C’s yearbook! :-) You are such a pleasure to work with. Always so happy and positive! Thanks again for everything! “H.F.”      Oh Francine—-YOU OH SO TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!! I TRULY LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!! Ok, now the issue is how to choose for the card. I am so grateful as these are absolutely beautiful–I literally cried tears of joy when I saw them and Bill was loving them too–how talented you are!! It was so great to meet you and so wonderful to be able to get Liam’s picture taken by such talent! Thank you again for a great time and for being so very wonderful to us! “L.H.”      THESE ARE AMAZING…. I cannot believe you took those shots from what we saw today- you have an atristic eye and talent and it is so wonderful. Thank you for this gift that will last us a lifetime… I cant wait to show Pete! “D.T.”      Oh MY GOODNESS! How in the world am I ever going to pick? Olivia got quite a kick out of watching Mommy tear up at the photo’s as you told her she would – lol! I will have to look at them a million times more and let you know what I would like to print. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your gift of photography with us and others. Your work with our angels is priceless. Now, I can’t wait to make this a tradition and meet with you this Summer for “green” landscape shots. Hee Hee! “L.K.”      WOW! They look absolutely AMAZING!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Both families were so amazed with you! They couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had and how well you worked with everyone. I couldn’t thank you enough for capturing such amazing pictures. You have made this the perfect gift for my entire family. In fact, I think this is the best gift I have ever given them and thanks to you it’s absolutely perfect. After showing some of my coworkers the sneak peek of Andrew, they are all asking for your info. I will gladly pass it on and recommend your photography to everyone I know! Thanks again. “T.W.”      They are wonderful (tissues needed!). I can tell you off the bat, I absolutely love the ones of the boys wrestling around and Samantha twirling around….those capture the essence of who they are :-) Thanks again for the fabulous session. It was absolutely painless on our end and the kids really enjoyed it. You have the perfect personality for this line of work. You put all of us at ease and related to all my kids so well, the time flew by. “L.B”      I LOVE them, I LOVE them, I LOVE them!!!!! They all turned out so wonderful! Thank you again for everything! “M.R.” I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! The pictures are so wonderful!!! Thank you so much for providing us with such beautiful pictures!!! I can’t wait until next year to do a few updated pictures with you!!! Thank you again! “M.R. – 2nd session”      Hi! Oh my gosh, that was so fast! You are awesome and the pictures are beautiful! I cried while watching the slideshow and listening to that song! I love them! Thanks so much! I can’t wait to show J. and my family and friends! It brought a smile to my face and something to look forward to while stuck here at home. I can’t thank you enough. Can’t wait to do this again with our bundle of joy!! :) Thanks!! :) “D.K.”      2 words… rock star!! You out do yourself each time. The pix are great as it is, but they’re even more special to us because you took them. A million trillion thanks! “G.M.”      The pictures are great and worth a recommendation :) “A.P.”      OMGoodness I swear I am sooooo flippen excited!!!! I love them hahahahahaha I am debating on the actual card it holds up to 6 pictures. Thanks again. I need to be put in your book a.s.a.p for spring time just the kids this time thanks :) “C.B.”      You were awesome with them. Thank you for being patient. “V.A.”      The pics are great…I love them. Thanks for everything! “J.L.”      You rock! I can’t believe how beautiful your pictures are! These are unbelievable!!! We can really tell you love what you do. Can’t wait to show people! “M.E.”



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