February 11, 2015

Chicago newborn photographer | Lillybelle Rose Photography

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Meera's beautiful features and her full head of hair were the icing on the cake for a fantastic session.  Thanks to Mommy following all the session day prep suggestions, Meera melted into her poses and made my job a breeze.  Look at this little lady... such a doll!

Chicago newborn photographer, Glen Ellyn Newborn Photographer, Studio

Chicago Newborn Photographer


February 2, 2015

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Maternity Session

The blessings of Lillybelle Rose are many, but the gratitude I feel doing my job exceeds them by far.  So thankful to have been chosen to capture this growing family again as they welcome baby girl number 3!!!

Chicago Newborn Photographer,  Lillybelle Rose Photography


January 23, 2015

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Lillybelle Rose Photography | Hudson

Hudson was six days new for his newborn session ~ love working with this smooshable, sleepy age!    And gosh, isn't he a doll with his perfectly plump round cheeks and a great head of hair?!?!?!   Had so much fun working with him and his parents.    Sigh... I love my job!!!!!


January 19, 2015

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Ella

Newborn posts typically show a bit of the variety captured in a session, but this trio of Ella on the neutral backdrop is a great display of the variety I capture on one "backdrop".  And Ella on this backdrop makes my heart sigh.  She looks so fresh and beautiful.  <3

Chicago Newborn Photographer,  Lillybelle Rose Photography, Ella

January 15, 2015

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Lillybelle Rose Photography | Ben

Francine Mittenthal is an award winning newborn photographer, serving Chicago and its surrounding suburbs for over nine years.

Interested in booking your newborn session?  You can find pricing and session information HERE.  For now, here are some of the hundreds of "reasons why" Francine is passionate about her genre of photography.  Enjoy!

December 29, 2014

2014 | Chicagoland Newborn, Baby & Family Photographer

Oh.  My.  Gosh....  Will you look at all the incredible faces I had the TOTAL joy of capturing this year?!?!  If you don't know my story, I'll sum it up here:  Never studied photography.  Never planned to be a photographer.  Pushed away "the business" for a long time.  Signs from above convinced me to allow folks to hire me.  Five years later I am BLOWN. AWAY. at my incredible blessing of Lillybelle Rose Photography and all the loving clients I've had the honor to work with.

2014 was the year I began to focus on newborn through one year, but as you can see, mini sessions are always a HUGE hit.  I've included one image from *almost* every 2014 session, including some fun 'family/friend' sessions.   So many new souls.  So many milestones.  So many families.  So many blessings.  So blown away.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!



December 29, 2014

Chicago Newborn and Baby Photographer | Gina

Gina gave me the sa-weet-est little grins as a newborn, and made my day when she showed me a glimpse of the past during her one year milestone session.  As I always say, it's amazing to watch "my newborns" grow through my lens!  Love taking a peek back at the newborn sessions for a little before & after.  Life is incredible, isn't it?

Chicago Newborn Photographer,  Lillybelle Rose Photography, Gina

December 29, 2014

Chicagoland Newborn Photographer | Lillybelle Rose Photography | Sarah

This lovely little lady made me work hard to achieve my goals for her session, but I did not mind one bit.  Would you?  Heck, I'd have spent longer with this incredible little soul if I could have.  Preciousness....

Chicago Newborn Photographer,  Lillybelle Rose Photography

December 29, 2014

Chicago Newborn Photographer | Lillybelle Rose Photography

Not sure what happened that this little man did not get his blog post up sooner... but better late that never?  Seriously late, but he's too cute not to share with all the newborn adore-ers out there.   (How's that for proper English?  hehehe)


December 29, 2014

Early birds | Chicago Newborn Photographer | Wheaton Newborn Photographer

Lots of early birds in the studio lately.  This handsome little guy just couldn't wait to meet his family face to face.  Who can blame him, right?  Isn't he a doll???  And perfectly healthy... yay!