Cell Phone Photography Tips

THRILLED to announce a fun educational series of cell phone photography tips aimed at helping you better capture your loved ones (Newborns, too!) with your cell phone!  Our cell phone cameras are incredible pieces of technology, and I’m here to teach you some photography basics which will help take your pics up a notch or two.  These tips will also help you new Mamas better capture your newest additions, or special milestones.  I’m so sorry we are not able to meet at the studio and proceed with portrait sessions, but please don’t stop snapping those images – when all this passes, you’ll be glad you did!


Where can I find the “Cell phone photography tips with Lillybelle Rose Photography”?

Lesson videos are being shared on the Lillybelle Rose Photography social media pages via Instagram and Facebook


Who can learn from this series?

Everyone can pick up some tips!  Just had a photographer reply to lesson 1 with gratitude for reminding her about the basics.  Cell phones are different than DSLRs, so jump in!


When are lessons posted?

Lessons will be posted at least once a week, typically more often.  Be sure to stop by the Lillybelle Rose Photography Instagram or Facebook pages for updates.  On Instagram, you can find these lessons in the Highlight section titled, Learning.


How many lessons will be shared?

At this point, there are eight planned lessons, followed by a Q & A.  Please let me know what you would like to learn.  Happy to add more updates as things progress!

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