Milestone Monday!  Milestone Monday?  What do ya think?  Catchy?  Just might be a little push to get me blogging more regularly.  But...I know I can be uncomfortably corny at times.  Hmmm  Let's give it a try for a while and see how it goes.  Shall we?

Happy Milestone Monday!  Time to share some adorable babes celebrating new milestones and an incredible year of change.

Starting with these two who stole a piece of my heart at their newborn session.  Remember this TOTALLY AWESOME MOMENT???  Can you believe it?  It is NOT photoshopped.  Sweet boy gave me the, "I got her.  She's safe." grin, eyes open AND looking toward the lens.  I almost squealed loud enough to wake them both!  He's still a charmer, and then there's his gorgeous twin.  What a fun session!



The top image below may be one of my favorite Milestone family captures.  The colors, the smiles, the softness...Something about it makes me want to stay just a bit longer, know what I mean?  So blessed to have families like this one as my clients!


This little dude has been through a lot this year, but he is CLEARLY one heck of a happy, loved baby boy.  Each smile got me grinning from ear to ear.  But, no pun intended, one of my favorite captures of his one year session is the "tushie line up", because after this newborn capture I titled him "My favorite teddy bear".  :)



This baby girl!  Her personality had me plotting to convince Mom and Dad they needed some time alone so I could spend a morning playing with their little love.  Smiles galore <3  Have to admit I loved Mom bringing in her pointe shoes, too!2015-09-07_0027