If you haven't figured it out by now, I'll lay it on the line for ya... I'm a hopeless romantic.  Being pregnant, creating life from love, giving birth to a new soul... I loved every minute of it.  Snuggles in bed, nursing at 3am, rubbing soft silky bellies... Nothing better.  Many clients have chuckled at my level of enthusiasm during their sessions, or at the number of exclamation points in an email reply to a newborn booking, but it's all genuine.  Every bit of it.  So, can you imagine how much I flippin' LOVE this session?!?!?!  Lauren is a local photographer who has graced me with the honor of capturing her family since she was pregnant with the adorable little lady below.  This family, every one of them, is a gift to all who meet them.  I teared up when she asked me to capture some family images after number three is born (Even photographers need to be IN pictures!!!), and squealed throughout this session.

Lauren, you are beautiful inside and out.  Thank you for the joy of continuing to capture your incredible, growing family!!!  See you ALL soon!!!