There is a huge mess of emotions flowing in our home these days.  OK, I'm a huge mess of emotions these days.  "Mess" being the key word.  You see, our eldest is ready to stay in GA this summer for an internship if it presents itself, our middle daughter committed to her university of choice, will begin this August, and is headed to NY for a choir trip this week, and our youngest *just* got her driver's permit today.  Family dinners rarely include the five of us, let alone the four of us still living at home.  Special events feel as if something, someone, is always missing.  The days of rocking babies or tickling toddlers are long gone.  Excitement over school assemblies and such are a thing of the past.  Disney music no longer fills the air, and kisses goodbye are often rushed as our teens head out the door without us.  We are proud to send our smart, loving daughters out into the world to contribute and explore. is hard, oh so very hard, to let them go.

I've always considered every newborn session captured a gift.  Every session booking brings a sense of excitement and gratitude.  But these days, sessions help ease the "Mommy pains" and make the days a little brighter.  Miss Avery and her parents definitely brightened my day, and filled the studio with so much love.  So. Much. Beautiful. Love.