To say Lillybelle Rose has brought with it endless blessings over the last SIX YEARS is an understatement.  Six years?!?!?!  Six years since I said, "Please don't push me to run a business.  I just enjoy taking pictures of our girls." for the last time.  Six years since I laughed at the thought of figuring out how to create a website and post galleries.  Six years since I cried over new technology which seemed too difficult for this old lady to grasp.  Six years since I thought, "If I could even schedule one session a month I'd be happy!"  If there are two things for certain regarding my sweet Lillybelle Rose it is:  being a model of hard work and strong customer service for our girls has been priceless, and the families, new souls, giggles and snuggles along the way have enriched my life in a way difficult to describe.

Why the sappiness?  Well, it's been quite the summer and start to the school year.  Our girls have become so independent and were crazy busy this summer - feels like I hardly saw them!  Then there's tomorrow...Lilly's 19th birthday...and she's in GA.  No hugs from mom on another birthday.  No room filled with balloons and doorway strung with ribbon.  No family birthday dinner.  There's Alexa who is blowing us away with all of her growth.  Driving confidently, preparing to apply to colleges, auditioning for the school musical, and showing endless signs she will be ready to soar next year.  And Bella...our "baby" is in HS now.  And it's as if she had been in HS all along.  Her confidence and assertiveness make me proud.  And then I sat down to finally blog a bunch of backlogged sessions and felt SO BLESSED that I just had to let you all know before I burst!!!  I'm going to bombard you with images of new life, deep love, and joy...because I want you to have the joy of looking at images of new life, deep love and joy.  It's my job, and I'm incredibly thankful <3

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