If there is one thing constant in my life, it is my love of simplicity.  From our household to my wardrobe to my photography style, I enjoy low contrast and a laid back feel with little distraction.  Thinking I "should do more, have more, like more, dress more" always left me unsettled.  Is it too much?  Is it too little?  I questioned our home decor, my prop selection, and my work...until I accepted my taste.  It's freeing to trust your gut and know there are other people out there who will; enjoy your home's laid back comfort, think simple cotton tops and jeans are just fine, or become clients because they want their little ones to be the main subject of an image, etc.  {Insert sigh of contentment.}  I've added some succulents around the house, wear a necklace or headband once in a while, and add simple textures and colors to set ups during a session, but finally believe these little touches are juuuuusssttt right!  In regard to images, how can a new soul like Lisa not be enough???  :)