Chicago Studio Newborn Photoshoot

If you live in or near Chicago or Naperville and are looking for a Chicago studio newborn photoshoot, please stay a while!  Miss Eleanor and I would like to show you what Lillybelle Rose Photography is all about.

Newborn Photography

Though I’ve offered newborn photography services since Lillybelle Rose Photography began in 2009, newborn photoshoots became my specialty and main portrait session offering six years later.  There are still baby photography sessions, or milestone sessions, as we call them.  These milestone sessions are for babies 5-12 months of age.  Milestone sessions are squeezed in to the studio schedule around newborn pictures.  Once in a while I offer a special event like Holiday Minis, outdoor family portraits or Motherhood sessions, but it is a rare occasion.  Instead, I have focused my resources and training on newborn photography.

A Newborn Photoshoot

A newborn photoshoot is unlike any other!  While a photographer may take a moment to fix a pose or adjust clothing in a standard portrait session, I have the absolute honor and joy of caring for your baby while I pose them from head to toe.  Doing this with respect to your baby’s safety and comfort is a priority.  Photographing a gallery filled with variety and details you will adore for years to come is a goal.

Newborn Pictures

Newborn pictures, in my humble opinion, are going to be the images you hold most dear as your little one grows.  It is the one time in their lives where they are almost unrecognizable just months later.  It is a gift to have baby portraits to look back on as you celebrate your infants milestones.  Comparing 2 weeks to 2 years will be proof of how quickly time flies, and you will stare in awe of how grown your toddler is.  As a mom of three, these very moments motivate me to capture all the details I wish we had in portraits.  My promise to every client is to deliver portraits that capture features, fingers, toes, fuzzy heads of hair, baby rolls and creases.  I work hard to ensure baby is comfortable and your gallery is filled with variety.  You will receive swaddled poses and unswaddled poses, showcasing different angles and features.  I love my job and cherish each interaction with a new soul.  My hope is you sense this the moment you open your online gallery of newborn photographs.

Scheduling a Newborn Portrait Session

Scheduling your newborn session has never been easier!  Simply head to the online newborn session scheduler here.  Select a session date which falls 5-10 days after you expected due date.  You will complete a short questionnaire which guides me in setting up the studio for your session.  Once I receive your booking notification, I will email you a welcome link containing all the information you need to prepare for your special session.  Most importantly, the welcome email includes are reminder to contact me within 48 hours of baby’s arrival to allow us time to reschedule your session if need be.  And, as I tell all my clients, I am just an email away if you have any questions!

chicago newborn photoshoot, newborn profile with floral halo

newborn fingers and toes from chicago newborn photoshoot


chicago newborn photoshoot with smiling baby

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