Oak Brook Newborn Photographer

Q: What are you doing to protect your clients during this pandemic?

A: Thank you for asking!  This is important to me for both your health and mine!  Please click HERE for this important update, but most importantly, Francine is fully immunized against Covid-19, and clients must be masked when not in front of the lens.

Q: When do I book a newborn session?

A:  It is best to schedule your newborn session when you are early in your second trimester.  You are asked to book a session which lands on a date approximately 5-10 days after your estimated due date to allow wiggle room if baby arrives early or late.  A session will be secured, but your date will be adjusted if needed once you deliver if need be. SCHEDULE HERE

Q: What are your prices?

A:  Click HERE for all the package options.  

Q:  Do we get full printing rights?

A:  Always.  Better yet, you will receive a print lab recommendation along with your printing rights.  Better still, you can order professional print products via your online gallery!

Q:  What should parents and siblings wear?

A:  What to wear is a personal choice, but I do prefer soft color tones and casual clothing, and discourage wearing pure white which look much too bright with strobe lighting.  We want your tiny newborn to shine in the images, not compete for attention.  Do wear soft fabrics without distracting patterns or logos!

Q:  What do we need to bring to the session?

A:  Your newborn, a couple extra diapers, a bottle to feed or supplement if milk supply is low, a pacifier for distracting while posing, and some liquids to keep you hydrated as you watch the magic happen. I have everything in the studio we need to wrap, swaddle, and accessorize your little one with items which fit and photograph perfectly!

Q:  Do you offer family sessions, mini sessions, child portrait sessions, group family sessions or event photography?

A:  Specializing in newborn photography means my heart and soul have been poured into my training and tailoring my business to best capture beautiful images of your new soul. If there is time in my schedule, I will squeeze in a milestone session for your baby aged 5-12months.  You can find more information HERE.

Q:  Do you offer 1st year packages?

A:  I do not.  Again, my focus is on every new, delicate soul who enters my studio.  Keeping my schedule free of other session types allows me to accommodate those newborns who may arrive before or after their due date.  If you are on the schedule, I WILL fit your little one in within the appropriate time frame! 




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