These two little bundles of joy came to the studio at five days new, and healthy as can be.  Mommy and Daddy did an amazing job carrying these two while caring for their "little" big sister.  Miss Grace was over six pounds and Mr. Shep was over seven!  You go, Mama!!!

This image might be one of my favorite, because we worked H.A.R.D. to get it!  Dad worked some magic by turning on the song, "Happy", and big sister Lilah instantly transformed from not so sure to HAPPY!  Love the power of music.  :)


Here is one of the babies on this beautiful swing from Woodsy Wonders.  No worries, these babies were completely safe.  These images have been photoshopped! ;)


And one more, because who doesn't love to see a twin snuggle.  Sigh... I LOVE MY JOB!