Happy, happy new year, everyone! 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of love and laughter.  Our eldest had a six-week winter break, and it was fantastic to have her home for such a long visit.  We didn't do much (Alexa had four impacted wisdom teeth removed.  Poor baby!), but I loved the extra time spent hanging out in the family room with everyone home.  That is my happy place!  Well...that and the ocean shore. ;D

Every year I enjoy creating a collage of one image from each session captured.  Some sessions were excluded due to privacy requests, etc, but this is a quick snapshot of a year filled with precious new souls and adorable smiles.  To distract myself from the fact that Lilly flew back to GA on 12/31 (Mean, right?!?  :P), I actually created this collage at about 11:30pm on 12/31.  Thank you to all of my dear clients for your patronage and the perfect distraction.  hehehe

Instagram offered a fun "9 most liked images of the year" update.  If you are an Instagram-er, you can find us at lillybellerosephotography!  Here are the nine most liked images of 2015.  :)


And finally, for all of you photographers ready to make things a little easier (and more professional) in 2016, I've created this wonderful little Workflow Bundle.  It's six years in the making, and the tools I absolutely NEED to run my business!