One fateful day in August 2009, a sweet neighbor suggested to a mom she give me a call. Seems this mom of two adorable little girls was desperately seeking a place to have their photographs taken. The mall shops were busy and "not quite right", but she didn't know where to turn. After a quick call, this brave mom put the fate of her daughters' portraits in my hands, and so it all began.

Aren't they dolls?!? And sweethearts to boot!

Squeezes and Giggles and Love

It gets better!

1.  The new camera and portrait lens I ordered was due to arrive in a week or so.  The mom said, "I'm sure what you have will be fine."   Five minutes after I hung up with her, UPS was at my door with my new goodies!

2.  The usual overbearing midday August sun was perfectly overcast!

3.  It was the next day I realized the date on the camera invoice was... my mom's birthday.  She's still looking out for me.  :  )