This session was bitter sweet!  An inquiry from the daddy of these princesses let me know how excited he and his wife were as they awaited their twins, and how he found my business.  To be honest, I gasped.  No way!  Could not be possible!  But, alas, it was true...My twin sister is a Principal, and the mommy of these two beauties was one of my sister's former elementary school students!!!  HOW???  When did THAT MUCH time pass?  Oh the mix of emotions!  Can you feel me?  hehehe  Yep - a blessing and a reminder just how incredible life is.

Speaking of incredible...Emi and Edison are perfect in every way.

I don't typically show accessories or props that are not mine, but this image had to be shared!  Mommy bought her sweethearts coordinating headbands and wraps, and I love all the details.  Sweetness right here!