There are times I sit to write a post and share images and creativity fails me.  Repetition can be boring, yet every time I review a gallery to choose images for blogging, the same emotions arise.  These babies...These new souls...These "heaven drops"....These gifts...They all leave me feeling so blessed to have met them, held them, captured them.  They are each as precious as the next.  So small, yet so whole.  Each one beautiful in their own way.  Each with a personality I enjoy getting to know in our hours together.  Their parents all overwhelmed with love and affection, filling the studio with warm fuzzies.  This job I have fallen into...this career which chose me...The words fail to express the depth of gratitude I feel.

And here we are again, sharing a beautiful new soul named Gavin.  The words my fingers are itching to type are the same as I've typed so many times before.  But they are my truth.  I am honored to have captured him.  I am blessed to have worked with him.  HE. IS. ADORABLE!!!!!2016-05-24_00482016-05-24_00492016-05-24_00502016-05-24_00512016-07-26_0001