While it is fun to play with pretty little headbands and ruffles for the precious baby girls in the studio, capturing these two little boys proved to provide just as much creative play time and variety.  Props and accessories are so expensive, but the interest and texture they add to images is huge!

Here's a perfect example:  Sweet Grant wrapped in a knit layer, laying on a faux fur in a carved wood basket placed on a twine layer which sits on a piece of burlap, all seated on a gorgeous faux wood floor = YES!  But let's be honest...Grant alone would have been plenty.  ;)



 I mean really...doesn't get much cuter than this little gray smooching teddy.  Right???  :)  And this simple image includes the cute teddy knit hat on a handsome kissy-faced boy who is wrapped in a knit fabric and laying on a knit mini blanket which is placed on a flokati which is laying over a wood bowl.   He Is So Stinkin' Cute!!!!!