As summer draws to a close, there is much to celebrate.  Our "monkey in the middle" will be heading off to her freshman year at the University of Illinois, our eldest will begin her junior year at SCAD Atlanta, and our youngest will be getting her driver's license soon.  As shocking as all this reality is to my system, there is another milestone just weeks away that I hadn't realized until speaking with a client last week - Lillybelle Rose Photography celebrates 7 years in business!!!  What????  SEVEN???  There are no words to thank you, the hundreds of clients who have lit up my camara and life, for the continued support.  As my babies need us less and less, I cherish my business even more for keeping me happy, sane and distracted.  hehehe  Hope you are all enjoying the end of summer with your loved ones.  Cherish - every - moment!!!

And in celebration of SO MANY MOMENTS TO CELEBRATE, here are three gorgeous new souls to help brighten your day.  They sure brightened mine!