Newborn photography has held my heart captive for years.  There is little in life as magical as meeting a new soul and capturing everything sweet and wonderful.  These sessions are long and HOT, but absolutely magical.  Another bonus, of course, is these sessions do not require me to check the forecast hourly, deal with overcast mornings, slop through wet grass, organize endless reschedules due to endless fall rains, or fight the cold harsh winds of Autumn.   Yes, Fall Minis were quite the ordeal this year, but look...LOOK AT ALL THIS LOVE!  LOOK AT ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL FACES!  LOOK AT ALL THIS HAPPINESS!  I swore this would be my last year dealing with the hassles of outdoor mini sessions, then I designed this collage.   You all bless me with your bookings, and smiles, and hugs.  Every session.  Every time.  Maybe one mini day next year?  Or two?  Maybe...


But these special days in the studio - a breeze!  Holiday Mini day was SO much fun!  Look at these adorable faces, sweet little cozies and sibling snuggles.  Definitely going to be planning more fun studio days in 2017!