After four years in business, I *think* I'm thrilled to say this has been the busiest January and February to date!  hehehe  I've had a blast capturing many Milestone Sessions, from little ones to birthday celebrants.  It's a treat to see all the different personalities and what makes them smile.  Most interesting common smile tactic - Christmas songs!  So if I break out in Jingle Bells during your session, you'll know why.  ; )

You will hear me recommend waiting until at least 4 or 5 months of age for your first Milestone session, since 2 and 3 month babies rarely smile for long, don't like their bellies, and typically just look bored.  Well... there is always the exception.  Meet Camden, THE HAPPIEST, MOST ANIMATED three month old I've ever met.  LOVED HIM!!!




And check out this gorgeous little birthday man!   Cal is another happy young man who smiles when you look at him.  He was so proud of all of his accomplishments, too.  To be honest, I wanted to keep this one!  hehehemiller

Lots of business updates to share!  Have you seen the latest in Lillybelle Rose Newborn Sessions?  You can click HERE to find out more.  I'm excited about this new option.  Please help spread the word!  (Thanks!  XsOs!)  Also, don't forget the majority of the 2014 calendar is open for booking HERE.  I know it's early, but we all know you folks like to plan ahead!  Finally, I've joined the latest Social Media sweet on Google+.  Facebook is making it harder and harder for small business to keep in touch with their clients, which is why Google+ is making a comeback.  You can click HERE to view the Lillybelle Rose Google+ page, and click on the FOLLOW button to do so.  At least they made that simple.  ; )