Naperville award winning newborn photographer

I am incredibly honored to serve your community and the western suburbs of Chicago as a Naperville award winning newborn photographer!  Having photographed hundreds of precious newborns at my newborn photography studio has been one of the greatest gifts.  Each baby I meet when they arrive for their newborn portrait session is as awe-inspiring as the last.  Book a newborn photoshoot and it will be *very* clear I absolutely love what I do!


Newborn Photoshoot

Here are two beautiful souls I have had the joy of photographing.  Big sister was timid but excited to share her family’s new addition.  To have a family return to photograph additions to their family is humbling.  It is also incredibly heartwarming – the greatest compliment possible!

Big sister with baby in newborn studio session


Swaddling Baby

Each newborn session begins with baby swaddled for poses with parents, siblings and the family.  Baby will stay swaddled for portraits in props – some of my favorite session images.  Here this beautiful new soul was as content as can be, and oh-so beautiful in pink.

new born baby girl wrapped in pink with bow

Newborn Posing

After completing pictures with Mom & Dad and siblings, as well as swaddled images in props, your newborn and I will head to the newborn posing ‘table’ (Don’t worry – it is not a table!  The product used is a highly specialized device created just for newborn photography, including a raised edge all around for newborn safety!).  Here your little one will enjoy a gentle heat blowing on them to keep them warm.  For those who ask, the Dyson Hot & Cool has been an incredible addition to the studio.  The built-in air purifier is a bonus for me, your allergic-to-far-too-many-allergens photographer!  It has remained responsive and consistent for four years to date!

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