It is incredibly important to me that I provide stellar service and products to my clients.  After mentoring with an incredible newborn photographer in 2013, I felt confident and ready to specialize in newborn photography.  My business has morphed into one that fills me with joy and passion daily.  Every image I edit makes me proud to be working in a field that produces a product which will holds so much meaning for our clients and the next generations to come.  It is this thought that drives me to invest in continuing education.  And did I!

About six months ago, I learned of a newborn photographer who mentors and has a thriving photography business.  Her posing is impeccable, and sealed the deal for me: it was time for 1:1 mentoring.  Andrea Kinter of Andrea Kinter Photography came to my studio and spent the day with me.  We worked with three ADORABLE new souls as Andrea taught me her workflow and showed me some fantastic little tricks to make my job easier, and my images stronger.  Thrilled to have two more models headed to the studio tomorrow to allow me to keep practicing the workflow as I await the birth of my next newborn client.  Here is a small sample of what was captured yesterday.  It was a great day!!!


Thinking about booking your newborn session?  You can find all the information you need HERE, and you can schedule your newborn session HERE.  (Clients are asked to book a session as close to 5-7 days from their due date as the online scheduler will allow.)