Newborn Photography Elmhurst

If you are looking for Elmhurst newborn photos, or a newborn photography session near the town of Elmhurst, you have come to the right place!  Currently located in Glen Ellyn, IL and soon-ish (hopefully sooner than later) Oak Brook, IL, Lillybelle Rose Photography is just minutes away from the beautiful family town of Elmhurst.  The studio is and will be a clean, comfortable, dedicated space filled with all of the necessities for a successful newborn photoshoot.

Camden’s newborn portrait session was a wonderful way to start the morning.  This handsome love bug was perfectly poseable and incredibly cute!  Below is my first go at a pose becoming very popular in the newborn photography world.  While I am not sure I am hooked, Mom and all those who participated in a social media poll seem to adore it!  Feel free to comment with your thoughts!

Another trend in the Lillybelle Rose Photography studio is the addition of vertical, or portrait, image crops.  Many of us have portrait style photographs on our walls and desktops, so why limit my clients, right?

If you would like to find out more about newborn photoshoots with me, Francine, you can head to the newborn session and pricing page here.

Scheduling your session is a breeze!  I’ve created an online scheduling set up for you to access at your convenience.  Schedule your newborn session here.  Best to grab a date which falls 5-10 days from your expected due date to allow us some wiggle room once baby arrives.  We will adjust your date if need be, but you will secure a spot on the calendar by scheduling ahead!


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