I'm not one to complain post about how crazy busy things have been.  We all get busy.  We all have times we wish there were more of us or time slowed down a bit.  Was that a "Hallelujah!" I just heard?  hehehe  Anyway, I make this point as a way to slip into an apology.  I've been a bad blogger.  A very bad blogger.  I apologize to any and all clients wondering why their little one didn't have their moment of LBR fame.  ( ;D ) Blogging definitely dropped waaaaaaaayyyy down low on the To Do List, but my head is above water and all of my sweet clients will begin to see their sessions trickle onto the blogfront.  It may take a bit, but I promise to start consistently posting throughout the week!

Let's begin with Nolan, shall we?  Pretty darn gorgeous starting point, isn't he?!?!?!  He was a rockstar for his session, and seemed very comfortable sporting a theme as a tribute to his Daddy who couldn't get out of work for the day.  So enjoyed this little man, and his hair.... oh his hair!!!!  :)