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Covid-19 Policies - Under no circumstances should you come to the studio if feeling ill, or if you or a household member has tested positive for Covid-19.  Hand sanitizer is required upon entering the studio, and masks will be handed out if a client seems to be stuffy, sneezing or coughing.  Both my assistant and I are fully immunized and will be masked during your session.  As someone at-risk, I take your little one's health seriously.  


My Background

I've been a professional newborn photographer since 2009, and have had the honor of photographing hundreds of new souls.  I invest in training & development yearly, including keeping up to date on the latest newborn safety standards and practices. As a mom of three and auntie/great aunt to 20 and counting, I've been blessed to handle newborns since I was eleven year young!


My Approach

Every newborn session is an opportunity to capture all the details I know (all too well) will change in a matter of weeks.  I feel honored to meet each new soul, and to be trusted to care for them as I strive to freeze these memories for my clients. Every session goal is a gallery filled with variety and precious details.  The honor I feel to work with your newborn will be apparent in your portraits.


Your Experience

From the moment you complete your online questionnare, every detail will be communicated.  You will receive a welcome email with tips to prepare for your session.  Upon arrival at the studio, you will find beautiful props and accessories selected based on your survey. At that point, all you have to do is sit back and watch the magic happen.


Newborn Session


(Digital collections purchased separately.)

Newborn sessions take place in my Glen Ellyn studio.  A standard newborn session is for babies up to 2 weeks old.  Babies 3-4 weeks of age will be swaddled for all or most of their session.  Sibling and parent captures welcome.  Immediate family only.  No pets.

This session fee DOES NOT include digital images or print products. Digital collections will be available for purchase via you online proofs gallery within one week after your session. See digital collections below.

Newborn Digital Collections

Petite Collection ~ $500   Includes 10 beautifully edited, high resolution digital images, delivered in both color and black & white, with full print release.

Classic Collection ~ $650  Includes 20 beautifully edited, high resolution digital images, delivered in both color and black & white, with full print release.

Premier Collection ~ $800  Includes all images beautifully edited (25-30 avg), high resolution digital images, delivered in both color and black & white, with full print release. Your Premier Collection also includes a beautiful 8x8 custom cover album showcasing all images from your session!



Milestone Session


(Digital collections purchased seperately)

Milestone sessions take place in the Glen Ellyn studio. Sessions are for baby only, between 5-12 months old. Up to two outfits, additional accessories welcome.  Various studio props and decorative elements, combined with the classic cream floor and backdrop to create timeless images of your milestone celebrant!  

This session fee DOES NOT include digital images or print products. Digital collections will be available for purchase via you online proofs gallery within one week after your session. See digital collections below.

Milestone Digital Collections

Mini Collection ~ $200  Includes 5 fully edited, high resolution digital images of your choice, delivered in both color and black & white, with full print release.

Complete Collection ~ $350 Includes your entire gallery of fully edited (10 minimum), high resolution digital images, delivered in both color and black & white, with full print release.

"Francine is extremely talented and her work is absolutely breathtaking. She has a beautiful gift capturing and bottling up moments for her clients. My young kids warmed up to her very quickly and were belly laughing within minutes for great shots! She also handled my newborn with the utmost love and care. Francine is extremely thorough and careful throughout the session – she takes care of all safety aspects (ex. positioning /props with newborns / young kids), positioning and working directly with you and/or the kids for the desired shots. It’s a great feeling to just show up for the photo session and let Francine work her magic. You’ll fall in love with Francine and her work. Promise you won’t be disappointed." ~ KA


What should we all wear to our session?  

What to wear is a personal choice, but I do prefer soft color tones and casual clothing, and discourage wearing pure white which look much too bright with strobe lighting.  We want your tiny newborn to shine in the images, not compete for attention.  Do wear soft fabrics without distracting patterns or logos!

What do we need to bring to the session?

Your newborn, a couple extra diapers, a bottle to feed or supplement if milk supply is low, a pacifier for distracting while posing, and some liquids to keep you hydrated as you watch the magic happen. I have everything in the studio we need to wrap, swaddle, and accessorize your little one with items which fit and photograph perfectly!



Chicagoland Newborn Photography

My goal in creating the Lillybelle Rose Photography studio was to create a comfortable, clean, roomy space with the comforts of home.  When you arrive, you will enter a spacious family area with room to kick back and relax.  In the work area, you will see top-of the line equipment and a large assortment of props and accessories.  Once we take a peek at everything I have set up for your session (Items chosen based on your booking survey!), you are all set to up on a few Zzzs as I work some magic with your little one!



Retainer - To reserve a Session Date, Client shall pay to Photographer, upon booking, a non-refundable creative/session fee will be captured for all session types. Client understands and agrees that Photographer will not book other sessions during this time. In the event that Client cancels the session or fails to attend the session on the Session Date, for any reason, Photographer shall suffer losses that are difficult to ascertain. As such, Client agrees that, in the event of cancellation by Client, such retainers shall be forfeited by Client and paid to Photographer as liquidated damages and not as a penalty. Client and Photographer agree that such amount is reasonable. If you must reschedule due to an emergency or illness, you MUST complete your session within 14 days to avoid loss of retainer fee.

Images - All images are copyrighted by Lillybelle Rose Photography. Your print release allows you to print any size prints or products at any location.  Lillybelle Rose Photography reserves the right to use all images for portfolio/website, display, competition or peer review. Unedited images are the property of Lillybelle Rose Photography and will not be released for any reason. My goal is to provide quality, fully edited images. These images are chosen based on technical merit, composition and variety.  I always softens skin, smoothes undereye areas, removes blemishes, and completes standard image corrections, but will not edit things which are the client's responsibility such as clothing choices, hairstyles, or dirt/items that can be removed or wiped away in person (Food, old nailpolish, boogies, etc.).  A copy of final images are retained by Lillybelle Rose Photography for a period of one year, but Lillybelle Rose Photography will not be held liable for images already distributed. It is advised all clients burn a copy of their digital files upon receipt.

Appearance/Grooming - Lillybelle Rose Photography is not responsible for the appearance of subjects other than newborns in regard to clothing choices, condition of clothing, or grooming (hair, skin, etc).  You will receive recommendations in regard to what to wear with your welcome email.  It is up to you to ensure the appearance of your clothing meets your standards in regard to wrinkles, pilling, fit, lint, color, etc.  If you are worried about your hair or makeup throughout the session, you are welcome to bring along a stylist who can adjust your previously completed look for you during the beginning of your session, as long as he/she does not take up more than a total of 15 mintues of additional session time.  Please note, I always take time to adjust my subjects' hair when I can, but in cases where I am working with a toddler or newborn, my attention is divided between subjects and the technical aspects of photography.

Behavior - Lillybelle Rose Photography is not responsible if the client or child fail to cooperate during the portrait session.  I am not responsible for undesired adult or child mannerisms not limited to such things as: type of smile, shyness, grumpy mood, crying, gestures, non-cooperation or refusal to take photos.  I promise to do my best to encourage cooperation, but shall not be expected to control a client or child. You and your children are expected to behave in a respectful manner while at the studio.  Loud disturbances will not be tolerated as the studio is located in a professional office building.  It is your responsibility to watch your children to ensure they respect the studio and it's property (No touching equipment, slamming into walls/doors, jumping on furniture, hanging from furniture, etc.).  I reserve the right to remove a client or child from the premises if need be.

Printed Products - Printed images are only guaranteed for quality if printed through Lillybelle Rose Photography. Due to the nature of the service and it’s products, all sales are final. All professional print orders will be placed once payment has cleared. Orders may take up to two weeks to process and can be shipped to the studio or your home.

Lillybelle Rose Photography are not responsible for lost or damaged items during any on-location or studio sessions.


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