Newborn and Family Photo Session

There is nothing more important to me when it comes to a session than including your newborn’s immediate family members during your newborn and family photo session.  My reasoning, however, may be different than your reason for wanting a baby and family photography session.  As a mom of three, I look at pictures of our daughters and my husband, or our daughters and me, and I don’t think about how much I cherish the photographs.  I think about how much images with us will mean to our daughters over the years.  Your baby will thank you for including poses with “Mom and Dad” during your newborn photoshoot!

Happy parents smiling at newborn baby boy

How to prepare for your newborn pictures

At Lillybelle Rose Photography, I’ve made preparing for your newborn pictures as easy as possible!   The most challenging step in the process will be deciding what top you are most comfortable wearing.  Seriously.  Find something you are comfortable wearing.  Wear a color which compliments your skin tone.  Have your significant other wear a shirt which coordinates – no matching necessary, or desired!  Mom and Dad above did a great job creating a cohesive but interesting image by choosing similar tones with great textures.  Once you schedule your baby and family photoshoot (Learn more on scheduling your newborn session here.), you will receive a welcome email directly from me. I’ll provide simple tips to help pack up your diaper bag and get ready to head out the door.  In the meantime, have fun shopping your closet or stores for a top you adore.  No worry about your bottoms – they don’t show much or at all!

Baby in a white basket with Christmas accessories and milk and cookies for Santa

What do I need to bring to my newborn portrait session

If you are thinking, “What do I need to bring to my newborn portrait session”, you are surely going to be surprised at how little you will need to pack!  As mentioned above, I’ll send a welcome email with information to help new parents make sure their diaper bag is stocked.  Beyond that, not much!  The props and accessories you see used throughout the Lillybelle Rose Photography blog and newborn picture gallery are items I have or have had on hand in the studio.  My style is very consistent, so if you like what you see, we will be a great match!

Sleeping baby in basket with tan fur and a brown wrap.

How do I schedule my baby pictures with Lillybelle Rose Photography

The answer to, “How do I schedule my baby pictures” is as easy as all of the above.  As your Chicago newborn photographer for over thirteen years, I’ve worked hard to simplify the entire process for both myself and my clients.  Simply click this link: Schedule your newborn session here, and select a date which falls 5-10 days from your expected due date.  Once baby arrives, we will move your date if need be.  As always, your welcome email will provide all those details, and I am just a CONTACT ME link away!

Cute teddy bear bonnet on a newborn baby boy

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