Newborn Photoshoot near Chicago

There are hundreds of talented Photographers throughout Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.  However, not many truly specialize in newborn photography.  If you are looking to schedule a newborn photoshoot near Chicago, I’d be honored to be considered. Lillybelle Rose Photography has been in business since 2009, and has truly specialized in newborn photography for the past seven years.  Potential clients can get a good feel for my style and consistency by browsing the hundreds of posts shared on the newborn photography blog here.  Enjoy!

What to expect during a newborn photoshoot

Every newborn session, though similar, is slightly different from the last.  Whether it be a big sibling who is a tad unsure about snuggling his new brother (Had to include this precious real life capture in the gallery!!!), or a baby who smushes into a pose as if he has done it many times before, each session is an opportunity to photograph bits of personality and celebration.

Lillybelle Rose Photography newborn portrait sessions always begin with baby and his or her parents and sibling(s).  This allows us time to have baby adjust to being touched and handled, all while snug as a bug in a swaddle like no other.  Yes, you can ask me all about my technique during the session!  Once we have completed this portion of the session, I will move on to baby in props and such, including this gorgeous flokati below.

What if my baby goes potty during his newborn photoshoot

All parents have the fear, “What if my baby goes potty during his newborn photoshoot?”.  It happens!  Once I have photographed baby with family and in props, he will be modestly posed without a diaper on a specialized newborn posing platform.  Have no fear!  Oxi Clean Max Force is in the studio!  Hehehe. Seriously, if you are in need of a fantastic stain treatment for your laundry, I highly recommend Oxi Clean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover Spray.  I go though a few bottles a year and it is worth every penny!  In addition, my nice clothes stay home. I am ready to handle any mess that comes my way!

When to schedule a newborn photoshoot

Many potential clients wonder when to schedule a newborn photoshoot. Regardless how available your potential newborn photographer is at the moment, you don’t want to wait too long and take a chance they will be booked when baby arrives.  It is best to schedule your session before baby arrives.  My clients are asked to select a date in the online scheduler which falls 5 to 10 days after Mama’s expected due date.  Scheduling your newborn session ahead of time ensures you a spot on the calendar, regardless of baby’s actual delivery date!  Once baby arrives, we will adjust the newborn session date if need be.

And now, more of this handsome little model…I mean, how perfect is he?!?!?!


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