Baby Photographer

Do you remember when you received your first camera?  Was it a polaroid?  Maybe a fancy film camera or a disposable?  How I wish I could remember when I received my first camera!  I do recall taking pictures during some time in Indiana with neighbors.  I was drawn to the natural setting, but more so, the people.  I remember pictures I captured on our block growing up, but I still can not recall the camera.  When our girls were born, I had a little point and shoot type of set up.  Nothing fancy.  Then came 2008 and a loooong story later, my first DSLR, Nikon d60.  Anyone?  Upgraded to the Nikon D90, which our daughters still play around with.  (Since many tend to ask, I think this Nikon camera is a great starter DSLR. If you are a Canon girl at heart, take a peek at this user friendly Canon starter camera.)  To call myself a baby photographer these days seems like a dream.  To have ended up a photographer at all seems unbelievable!  To photograph moments like a beaming daddy and his baby boy…priceless.

Baby Photoshoots

Newborn sessions, or “photoshoots” as the younger folk call them, are all about baby.  This means Mom, Dad and siblings are part of the session, too!  When taking pictures of family moments, I always think about the fact that these very images will one day be treasured by the newborn. Maybe sweet Aiden will take a copy of this picture when he leaves for college.  Maybe one of the images with both parents will be shared at his wedding.  Maybe, years from now, he will share them with his own children.  I do not take these baby photoshoots lightly, and am honored to photograph each and every one!

Learn more about these priceless newborn portrait sessions on the website HERE.  If you have any questions, please feel free to CONTACT ME!


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baby photoshoots of newborn in basket

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