Elmhurst Newborn Photographer

The story goes, I was bald until I was three while my twin sister sported a great head of hair.  I used to think I must have looked odd…but now that I’ve seen hundreds of newborns over the years, my opinion has flipped! As a newborn photographer, I’ve always been giddy to peek in a car seat at the portrait studio and see a head full of hair framing a sweet baby’s face.  But, there is something about an infant with just a touch of fuzz.  Nothing distracts from their perfect, tiny features.  There is no doubt they are fresh out of the oven.  You can cradle their head and gently rub their little noggins without messing up their hairstyles.  They are beautiful and perfect with or without hair, but Rex here can not get any cuter!  Honored to have Rex and his family at the newborn studio in Glen Ellyn for his photoshoot.

If you are looking to schedule an Elmhurst Newborn Photoshoot, take a moment to browse the session information and pricing HERE.  Lillybelle Rose Photography is located just minutes away!  The studio is filled with newborn props, swaddles, newborn bonnets, baby soft fabrics and more.  Everything I need to fill your newborn portrait gallery with pictures you will cherish for years to come is at my fingertips!  If you’d like to learn a bit about me, your Elmhurst newborn Photographer, you can click the About me page HERE. Without further ado, meet Rex.

Elmhurst Newborn Photoshoot, baby boy sleeping in blanket

Elmhurst Newborn Photoshoot, beautiful baby in delicate heart prop

cute baby boy, bald baby boy, Elmhurst Newborn Photoshoot

sleeping baby boy on blue

newborn wrapped in white with fingers and toes showing

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