The trend in the world of Google and all things SEO is the term “Baby Photoshoot”, and I love it!  Photographers are artists, technicians, and service providers, but we don’t need to insist on formal words such as portraits, images, and digital files to communicate with our clients.  Labeling your newborn portrait session a baby photoshoot will in no way degrade the experience provided, or the beautiful portraits delivered.  And clients, please feel free to call your session and my services whatever you would like!  ; ).  While you are here, you can browse information about the type of baby photoshoot Lillybelle Rose Photography offers  HERE.  If you are a social media lover, you can head on over to the Lillybelle Rose Photography Instagram page HERE.

And with all that said, today’s baby photoshoot was magical.  If I were twenty years younger, I’d have asked Mama to get together for coffee, or insisted I bring over a meal.  She is one of those rare people who fill a room with joy just by entering.  Scroll to the end to see for yourself how her energy is something you can feel through an image!  Dad was kind, excited and eager to help, and just as photogenic as his wife and daughter.  Baby M. made her way earthside a bit earlier than expected, yet is a perfect, healthy, adorable little peanut.  The miracle of birth and the challenges it brings never ceases to amaze me.  Tell me alllllll the pregnancy and birth stories!


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