A cake smash with a faux smash cake

A cake smash session celebrating your sweet baby’s big milestone has become a popular type of portrait session.  Cake smash sessions typically involves a studio portrait session during which your photographer will capture a variety of portraits of your birthday baby.  The session is finished with baby and a cake, and even a change of decor.  It’s been years since Lillybelle Rose Photography has offered a cake smash session, but I’ve come up with a way to include the signature birthday cake without the mess!

First birthday milestone

Below are images from one of my latest milestone sessions celebrating a first birthday.  This beautiful baby girl was a dream to photograph, as you can see.  Mama picked out the perfect, subtle, comfortable outfit for Miss M.  Trust me when I say comfort makes all the difference in your portraits.  Babies in stiff clothing, fluffy dresses with layers and scratchy fabrics, collars flipping up on their cheeks, bow ties snug around their necks, suspenders falling down every 30 seconds are going to act differently than babies in comfy clothes.  Just like adults!  She brought along a quick change and adorable birthday crowns. As you can see, Miss M, like most littles, had no interest in a birthday crown, so I got creative!  After over thirteen years of experience with milestone and cake smash sessions, I can usually come up with a quick solution and keep baby smiling!

A milestone gallery sampling

Here is the milestone model during the first stage of her first birthday session.  I’ve collected an assortment of versatile props which fit your littles just right.  I’ll add accessories and such as we go, making sure baby is spotted by mom or dad for safety.

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If your little one is standing but not walking, I’ve got the perfect support!  This antique chair may be the best prop purchase I’ve ever made.  It is the perfect perch for a newborn and young sibling pose, and the ideal height for new standers!  The beautiful bear celebrating with Miss M has been in our family for 26 years.  Yep, you read that right!  My twin sister gifted this Vermont Teddy Bear to my first born.  When my daughter decided she was done with teddies, I popped this beauty in a closet for safe keeping.  Then came Lillybelle Rose Photography and all the milestone sessions.  It’s perfect, isn’t it???  Miss M seems to think so!

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The best way to end a first birthday session is definitely with cake!  Popping this adorable faux cake as the final accessory, implying a fun cake smash and birthday celebration, is my favorite way to wrap up these exciting sessions.  No messy cakes, no over the top decor, but that’s my style, and I hope you enjoy it.  Let’s plan your first birthday cake smash session and let your birthday baby be the star of the show!

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