Hinsdale Baby Photographer

Because of you, here, browsing my work, spending your precious time, I’ve been blessed to be a Hinsdale Baby Photographer for over thirteen years!  Photographing newborns and infants is a joy.  It is an honor.  And I am incredibly grateful my hard work and dedication has paid off.

Happy Mama holding newborn daughter

Becoming a newborn photographer

Becoming a newborn photographer was never on my radar.  A career in Human Resources was enough to keep me content before becoming a stay-at-home mom to our three incredible daughters.  It was after hiring a family photographer, and becoming fast friends with her, my love for photographing our girls took on new meaning.  Inspired by Amy Tripple Photography, I dove in head first.   You can read a *very old* blog post about becoming a newborn photographer here.  Well, it all began with two adorable girls.  And then…

And then I fell head over heels for baby photography.  To call myself or Chicagoland newborn photographer, still feels odd!  While I truly enjoyed being a family photographer, the genre was a bit much for my unhappy spine.  Not carrying professional equipment around a park or jumping around with a toddler really helps be continue to function after a session.  Having the ability to structure my business around my passion AND my physical needs is a blessing, for sure!  If you would like to learn a bit more about me, head to the About Francine page.  You can even find a silly article in the Daily Herald here. Better yet, peep my overjoyed in a newborn snuggle and learn more about my view on the genre in this article from Voyage Chicago.


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