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If you’re looking for the best selection of newborn and baby items in Chicago, look no further than Kido Chicago. Their selection of top-brand items is sure to please both new parents and little ones. From cribs to strollers to diapers, we have everything you need to get started with your newest addition to the family.

Chicago’s newest baby boutique, Kido Chicago, is quickly becoming the talk of the town. The store offers a unique selection of newborn and baby items, including clothing, toys, and furniture. But what really sets Kido Chicago apart is its focus on quality.

The store only carries items that are made from natural materials and are free from harmful chemicals. This commitment to quality has caught the attention of parents all over the city, who are eager to find safe and stylish products for their babies.

In addition to its great selection, Kido Chicago also offers excellent customer service. The staff is always happy to help parents find the perfect item for their little ones. With its combination of quality products and outstanding service, it’s no wonder that Kido is quickly becoming the go-to destination for Chicago’s baby needs.

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Which Items Should You Opt For?

New parents have a lot of decisions to make, but there is no need to stress when it comes to baby items. There are many things to consider, from car seats and strollers to clothes and cribs. There are great resources online to help narrow down your selection based on quality, safety and practicality.  But, when it comes to diverse books, clothing items and toys, Kido Chicago is a must!

  1. Diaper Bags

Kido does not stock diaper bags, but this is an item to consider getting early on,  After all, it’s going to the hospital with you on that exciting deliver day!  A quality diaper bag is a must, as it will be used often. It should be large enough to hold all of the baby’s essentials, from diapers and wipes to bottles and blankets, and some extras for mom or dad. A changing pad is also a great addition for on-the-go diaper changes.  See my article about quality diaper bags HERE.

  1. Baby Carriers

Additionally, every new parent needs a good baby carrier. Kido Chicago does not offer items like carriers, but Galt Baby or Twinkle Twinkle Little One are great stores to shop for these larger ticket items.  You can find out more HERE.

  1. Not To Forget The Baby Clothes, books and accessories

Finally, a set of newborn baby clothes is a must-have. This is where Kido Chicago shines!  There you can find clothes that are comfortable and easy to care for, as well as items that are cute and stylish. With these essential newborn baby items, you’ll be prepared for anything.

Below is a list of newborn items that you shouldn’t miss out on,                                                       


  • Onesies 
  • Footies 
  • Sleepers 
  • Rompers  
  • Sets 

Car Seats

  • Convertible 
  • Infant 


  • Jogging 
  • Standard 
  • Lightweight 
  • Double/Triple 


  • Mini  
  • Portable 
  • Full-size 

High Chairs

  • Booster seats 
  • Hook-on seats 
  • Standard high chairs 

Baby Monitors

  • Audio monitors 
  • Video monitors 

Activity Mats 

  • Gym mats 
  • Play mats 

Bouncers And Swings

  • Bouncers 
  • Baby swings 
  • Portable bouncers 

Nursery Items

  • Crib bedding sets 
  • Changing table pads and covers 
  • Sleep sacks and swaddle
  • Nursery decor 
  • Rugs 
  • Storage baskets 
  • Gliders and ottomans 

Bath Time

  • Baby bathtubs 
  • Baby bath seats and supports 
  • Bath toys 
  • Baby hooded towels 
  • Washcloths


  • Breast pumps 
  • Bottles and nipples 
  • Formula 
  • High chairs 
  • Bibs 
  • Burp cloths 
  • Plates and utensils 
  • Sippy cups 


  • Cloth diapers 
  • Disposable diapers 
  • Diaper bags 
  • Changing pads 
  • Wipes 
  • Diaper pails and liners 

Potty Training

  • Toilet seats 
  • Step stools 
  • Training pants 
  • Rewards and charts 

Books And Toys

  • Baby and toddler books 
  • Developmental toys 
  • Musical toys 
  • Bath toys 
  • Stuffed animals 

As every baby is different, you may need to adjust your list of essential newborn baby items. Don’t forget to ask for help when you need it. From family and friends to your pediatrician, there are many people who can help you through this exciting time.  Stores like Kido Chicago are known to excel when it comes to helping you select from their curated assortment.  Head over to their store today and see what all the fuss is about!

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beautiful baby girl in a basket with succulents

newborn in cute pose on purple fabric with a floral wreath headband

overhead view of baby and back wrinkles on purple fabric

adorable newborn baby posed on purple fabric with purple wrap and floral headband

cute baby sleeping with wrap and headband

grinning newborn baby girl on white with swaddle and headband


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