Naperville Newborn Pictures

In your search for Naperville baby pictures, there are many bits of information to consider.  Here I will note some of the important elements in finding the right Naperville Newborn Photographer to meet your session goals.

Best Newborn Photographer Near Me

Finding the best newborn photographer near me is no easy task.  There are many factors to consider, and an incredible array of talent to browse.



Naperville baby pictures safety

Through years of training, a lot of hands on experience and a focus on continuing education, your photographer should be well versed in newborn safety.  There has not been one year of my thirteen years in business I have not invested in continuing education.  Every program I have attended, be it in person or online, has included newborn safety.  It’s not all about cute poses and prop ideas!  Your newborn will be safe AND comfortable during a newborn photoshoot with me at Lillybelle Rose Photography!


Newborn Session Props

Though it may not have crossed your mind just yet, you should consider what style of newborn baby photos you are drawn to.  Do you like tutus, pearls, airplanes, wings, newborn outfits, etc?  Or do you prefer a more simplistic look with timeless accessories and textures?  Lillybelle Rose Photography definitely falls into the later category.  I do my best to keep the focus on baby, even when we have lots of textures and tones like the image below.

For more information on newborn photography education, I highly recommend looking in to courses like The Milky Way.  There you will find everything from lighting courses to posing and family photography!

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