What to Expect During Your Studio Newborn Session

Since you are here, you are most likely expecting a little one or recently welcomed a new addition to your family, so, CONGRATULATIONS!  This exciting time can be filled with an overwhelming amount of new information, so let’s take a moment to sit back, take a breather, and focus on capturing your new soul.

Studio Newborn Sessions

Studio newborn sessions are quite different than the typical in-home session.  First off, no deep cleaning, putting away clutter, removing pictures off the wall, moving furniture to allow use of window light, or cranking up the heat!  Studio newborn sessions make life easy on new parents.  You will notice, actually, throughout the session process with Lillybelle Rose Photography, everything is…easy!  No worrying about what your newborn will wear, either.  I’ve got all of that covered in my clean, warm, well-lit studio bursting with accessories for your sweet baby.  Sound good?  I thought so.  On to booking your session.

Scheduling your newborn session

It’s best to secure your newborn session while in your second trimester to ensure availability.  This genre is like no other, and keeping my schedule flowing is no small endeavor.  It took years to figure out how to make the necessary session reschedules due to early or late arrivals seamless.  If you schedule your newborn session before baby arrives, I can promise availability regardless of baby’s birth date!  The first step to securing your session is to head to the online scheduler.  Here you will find session options and all available dates at your fingertips.  Told you I strive to make this easy!  During the scheduling process, you will complete a short questionnaire which includes your expected due date.  The system will let me know you’ve booked your session, and I will send you a welcome email with studio details, tips to prepare for your session, and a reminder to contact me within 48 hours of baby’s arrival. It’s that easy.

When baby arrives

Savor. every. moment. of. the. magic. of. delivering. a. new. life.  After a day snuggling your greatest love, send an email my way sharing the exciting news.  As noted in your welcome email, you will be asked to include baby’s name (Love to hear!), birth weight (Helps with prop size selection) and baby’s birth date.  Once I receive your birth announcement email, I will decide if we should move your session date to hit the sweet spot of newborn posing.  My preference is to capture baby during their second week of life, but I’ve been at this a loooong time (12 years!) and have flexibility in scheduling.  I do strive to get your little one in the studio between 6-18 days new.  While earlier could work, babies under six days are typically still adjusting to the important task of feeding and tend to cluster feed.  Later than 18 days could mean baby is not as flexible or sleepy, and may resist the adorable poses you see throughout my bodies of work.  So, the sooner you update me on baby’s arrival, the sooner we can lock in your final session date.

The morning of your session

Relax!  Do not worry one bit about how successful your session will be.  It will be a success.  As noted, I’ve been at this a LONG time.  Read through your welcome email again and follow the baby tips.  Everything you do to ensure baby is relaxed for his or her session helps me achieve more variety in your gallery!  Double check your diaper bag for necessities (diapers, wipes, Paci, extra feeding supplies, extra outfit, gas drops if needed, and water for Mama!) before heading to the studio.  Get excited – we are going to preserve the details of this whirlwind time in your lives, and you are going to witness a grown woman turn to mush when she sees your sweet new baby. (Yep. Every time.)

During your session

When you arrive, we will chat and get comfy.  As you browse around, I’ll answer any questions you may have.  I’ll pop your baby out of their car seat while ooo-ing and ahhh-ing (Every. Single. Time.), then get him/her swaddled up.  Sessions begin with sibling, parent, and family images if you plan to capture them.  If not, I start with the adorable props selected just for your session based on your questionnaire during booking.  Accessories will be carefully selected ahead of time and set out for your time in the studio.  After any sibling or family/parent captures are complete, dad (or a caregiver) will head out with any older siblings.  This helps mom and baby relax in the quiet atmosphere of the studio while I focus on baby.  Parents can sit back and relax, or watch the magic.  Your session will last about 1 1/2 hrs on average (12 years is a long time – I’m quick these days!), and we will wrap up by chatting about the next steps.

Your Digital Collections

Within one week of your session, you will receive an email with a link to your online gallery of session proofs.  Your images will be softly edited for now.  The gallery email will provide simple instructions for the process of selecting your final gallery.  From this gallery, you will select your digital collection and favorite images, and maybe shed a tear or two. 😉  Once I receive your order, I will get to work personally editing every image.  A new online gallery will be created with your fully edited, high resolution images in both color and black & white.  The new gallery will include your print release along with a print lab recommendation, and a shopping cart from which you can discover the beautiful professionally printed product options shown at the studio.

Why choose Lillybelle Rose Photography for your studio newborn session

There are hundreds of newborn photographers in the Chicago area.  Maybe even thousands.  They may not all have a business license, business insurance, or pay taxes for that matter, but most have a decent eye for composition and light.  What I bring to the industry is a strong work ethic, excellent customer service and communication (Spent my fair share of time in the business world before having our babies.), twelve years of continuing education in newborn photography, personal experience as a mom of three and appreciation for all that is happening in your life right now, a strong focus on YOUR experience, attention to detail that exceeds the industry standard, knowledge of soothing and caring for your newborn gained from being a mom/an auntie twenty times over/ewborn babysitter since I was thirteen (I know…what were they thinking?!?)/and a deep love and appreciation for the miracle of new life.  If you take a moment to read through the Lillybelle Rose Photography Google reviews, you will see as many comments about the experience as you will about the images.  My goals are the following: safety and comfort of your newborn, relaxed and enjoyable session experience for you, consistent quality and variety in every gallery delivered, and quick service.

What’s a blog post without images of beautiful new souls?  And so, I present, the stunning Miss Meena.  I’ll start with those details that change in the blink of an eye…but my goodness, how she loved a swaddle.  Isn’t she breathtaking???

newborn baby girl swaddled and macro details baby girl in pink on moon prop baby laying on side with floral wrap newborn in white swaddle with floral crown

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