Newborn Photos in Chicago

Newborn photos in Chicago are “a dime a dozen” these days.  There are hundreds and hundreds of photographers, thanks to the availability of decent cameras.  It can be very difficult to weed through endless websites and hobbyists to find a newborn photographer who always delivers galleries clients are thrilled to receive.  There are also considerations regarding newborn safety during photoshoots to consider.  Photographs are priceless possessions, especially when it comes to the newborn stage…there is no repeat when it comes to a newborn photoshoot.  Let’s discuss some points to consider when looking to schedule newborn photos in Chicago.

How to find a Newborn Photographer

When considering how to find a newborn photographer who will meet or exceed your portrait session goals, start there – What are your newborn portrait session goals?  Is your main priority photographing the new baby and all the details?  If so, scour the photographer’s website and social media photos.  Look for consistency.  Does the style of the baby pictures match your likes?  Does the photographer capture the detail, or macro, images you adore?  Can you see baby’s features in the images?

If your goal is to have sibling and family portraits with the newest family member, be sure you see plenty of examples of family portraits and sibling photographs in the potential Photographer’s work.  If you only see one or two family pictures or sibling photographs, move on.  Never hesitate to ask a potential newborn photographer for more examples from photoshoots with similar session goals as your own.

Is your goal to have your family and baby pictures taken in your home?  This is an entirely different genre of newborn photography from what I offer at Lillybelle Rose Photography!  If an in-home newborn session is your goal, be sure to conduct a search looking for a “lifestyle newborn photographer”!  These sessions typically do not include many posed newborn portraits like you see below, but are a lovely option for older newborns.

Do you love the look of various newborn poses and specialty props and accessories?  If so, Lillybelle Rose Photography may be the perfect match to meet your baby photoshoot goals!  There are hundreds of images on the newborn photography blog to browse through and confirm our styles align.  In the newborn portraits gallery, you can find a selection of baby pictures photographed over the past few years.  If you like what you see and are ready to schedule your newborn session, you can head to the newborn session and information page here.  You will find information on packages, pricing and scheduling, as well as information about the sweet Lillybelle Rose Photography studio, currently located in Glen Ellyn, IL.


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