Newborn portraits or new born pictures?  Google proves there is an endless assortment of phrases expectant or new moms will use when searching for a newborn photographer near them.  While “newborn portraits” might have you visualizing more professional photographs in a business setting, it’s all the same to me!  Whichever terms you use when searching for or describing a professional newborn photographer is your business, but keep the following in mind:  Your search words will impact your search results. But, you are HERE!  You landed on Lillybelle Rose Photography, and stayed a quick minute to browse around.  THANK YOU!

Since you are here, let’s take a peek at some recent studio sessions of newborns, aka new born babies. 😉

During Griffin’s newborn session in the studio, located in Glen Ellyn, IL, I used a combination of swaddles and props to create a semi-custom session style.  No two sessions are identical, but my style is consistent.  This is important for clients to see in a body of work, so they can trust the outcome of their investment.  ( < That was a tidbit for all the new photographers out there!  You don’t need a zillion props and different editing styles.  You need consistency.)

DuPage county new born pictures

Below we have the adorable baby Michael.  His session was a larger session than Griffins, and afforded more time for variety in posing and set ups.  Regardless of the session type chosen, clients have the opportunity to select the color schemes they’d like used via an online questionnaire completed during the booking process.  Michael’s mommy likes blues!

new born photographer near me

I have about fifty sessions yet to be blogged, but we don’t want to weigh down this post with too many images.  Then again, one more couldn’t hurt, right?  Meet Bridget, future supermodel?  This lovely bundle of yum always had a subtle grin and allowed me to position her juuuuussssttt so, unless she was too busy cracking the cutest smiles like she did throughout her swaddled session. <3



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