Pictures of your special needs baby

Is it possible to capture beautiful pictures of your special needs baby?  Most likely, yes!  The most important factors in a successful portrait session of your special needs baby is communication with your Newborn and Baby Photographer and realistic expectations.  Before we get to more about your session, I wanted to share a valuable link for any parents with a child who has special needs, “First Steps When a Child Has Special Needs”.

special needs newborn photography

Newborn session expectations

Having realistic newborn session expectations is key.  Your little miracle may not fold up like the typical newborns posed in a newborn portrait session.  Your sweet baby may not be able to relax or get comfortable enough to capture a lot of variety in your newborn portrait gallery.  If you child is in need of oxygen or has a feeding tube, it will remain visible in your images.  And that is all perfectly okay!  We are together to celebrate your little one and capture everything that makes them who they are in this phase of life!

special needs newborn portrait

What can I expect from my special needs photography session?

What to expect from your special needs photography session is going to be up to your adorable new baby.  Some sleep and allow tweaks to natural self-posing, while others must be swaddled and soothed for most of the session.  Andrei here enjoyed a swaddle.  His natural tendency to ‘fold backward’ made unswaddled images a challenge.  His mood swings meant we had seconds to capture a photograph before there were tears, but LOOK AT THIS IMAGE!!!  It makes the effort worth every moment!

smiling special needs newborn picture


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