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DIY Mommy and baby pictures

Can you imaging how precious this image will be to Molly when she heads off on her own?  It seems much more common to have images of daddy and baby, with Mamas always documenting the little moments.  But, Mamas, get in front of the camera with your babies, your family, your spouses!  Here is an entire blog post devoted to Mommy and baby.  And if you feel as if no one is every around or up to the task of taking pictures of Mom and baby, head to this article to find a great assortment of tripods for cell phones.

How to I take my own pictures with baby?

Set up your cell phone on a tripod or lean it against a stable surface.  Make sure there will be good light on your faces.  Good lighting can make an average portrait look like a fantastic photograph!  Put your cell phone camera on video mode and click the record button.  Now head over to the well lit spot with your baby and let the magic happen naturally.  Play with your adorable infant or child as the camera records the action.  Be sure to smile at the camera once in while, snuggle your baby closely, get goofy and record the soul lifting baby laughter.

When you are done recording your interaction with your baby, it’s time to get those precious Mom and Baby photographs.  To do so, play the video and screen capture your favorite moments.  It really is that simple.  No cell phone camera technology can take place of professional portraits at an established photography studio.  (Be sure to spend a moment gazing at the timeless portraits captured over the years at my newborn photography studio.). However, this is the perfect option for those moments you wish you could freeze time quickly.  There is no excuse with today’s incredible photography technology in the palms of our hands!

mom and baby pictures with daddy, DIY Mommy and Baby Pictures

mommy and baby photographs, snuggles with mom, DIY Mommy and Baby Pictures

Mom and baby pictures, baby on fuzzy fabric wrapped in white, DIY Mommy and Baby Pictures

beautiful baby girl picture, mom and baby photography

cute baby profile with purple accessories, DIY Mommy and Baby Pictures

macro details, close up of baby fingers

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