As someone who has owned a newborn photography studio for over twelve years, every technique and aid I use to sooth your newborn helps me reach my goal of a modern newborn portrait session filled with wonderful variety, and baby pictures you will cherish for a lifetime. After all, we need a relaxed and comfortable baby to pose during your newborn session. Want to know some of my favorite newborn soothing techniques and products to help calm newborns? I thought so! I’ll share the best below, but first I’ll share some examples from this timeless newborn session with Alessia.


Her relaxed finger, brow and mouth are a clear indication she was putty in my hands. One of the best soothing tricks during a newborn session is a warm room. Yes, temperature matters when it comes to baby’s comfort, whether it be in a baby’s nursery or a newborn photography studio! After years and years of various heaters, the Dyson Pure Hot & Cool Air Purifier has proven worth every penny. Here is a link to the unit at Bed Bath & Beyond, in case you can use a coupon. The thermostat works perfectly, and the fan speed options allow complete control of direction and force of air flow. The air purifier is a bonus. I can direct the heat toward baby during your portrait session, ensuring the air temperature is always just right.


Another cute newborn pose of this adorable baby girl shows just how comfortable my little subjects are throughout their newborn sessions in my little studio in the Chicago suburbs. Ready for another of the best soothing tools to help keep your newborn calm? Meet your new best friend, The Baby Shusher. Not an affiliate link, but since you are busy, Amazon link it is! This small device can fit in a car seat, stroller, cradle, bassinet, etc. The timer allows baby enough time to soothe before turning off, while saving battery life. It even comes with volume control. RUN to grab yours! You’re welcome.

Another favorite soothing tool is the Munchkin Lulla-vibe. I keep this vibrating pillow handy for babies who are fighting sleep in props, but it is perfect for a stroller, car seat and more!

The newest soothing tool in the studio is the beloved Rockit Portable Baby Stroller Rocker. Moms and Dads, this little gem is powerful! It will gently rock a stroller, car seat, bassinet or crib. I clip it to my posing stand and it gently rocks the entire metal frame, just enough to soothe your newborn off to dreamland but not too much that my images are out of focus. It’s pricey, but it’s ah-mazing!

soothing tips for newborns
baby holding teddy bear

Soothing aids are great, but there is nothing more soothing, even magical, than your touch. Newborns enjoy a soft caress of the head or cheek, but you can end up tickling an almost-asleep-baby by doing so. A gentle but firm hand will give baby a sense of security, and the warmth of your hand can be very comforting. Another soothing technique I’ve found to work even better than a pat on the back or bottom is what I like to call the “tushie wiggle”. Firmly support baby’s upper body with one hand while using the other to wiggle baby’s bottom side to side, just enough to create a rhythm and sense of motion. Don’t shake…just wiggle. Haven’t met a newborn who didn’t love a good tushie wiggle!

Speaking of wiggle…Have you heard about the incredible Dr. Harvey Karp’s Happiest Baby on the Block? It’s a MUST watch video, and a must read article. You can find a link to his site HERE. My dear friend Amy Tripple of Amy Tripple Photography introduced me to The Happiest Baby on the Block when her third was born, and it. is. life. changing. There has not been one newborn session since during which I have not incorporated many of Dr. Harvey’s 5 S’s. (Thank you, Amy!)

happy newborn during photo session

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