Every Mom and Dad of little ones need a good bag to lug around all the things – diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles, formula or breast milk, lovie, diaper rash cream, blanket, extra outfit for baby, extra outfit for mom (If you know, you know!), bib, burp rag, and more. Quality construction, easy access compartments, comfort, lots of organization and, of course, a touch of style, matter when it comes to finding a great diaper bag. While my diaper bag days are looooong gone, I was in need of new travel backpack. The backpack style is best for my crappy spine, but I love the hands-free utility of a backpack. We all know this is a huge bonus for a busy mom and dad caring for their little ones. So I started doing some research, including asking my followers, and the diaper bag brand voted number one, hands down, is Itzy Ritzy.

During my research, I discovered Itzy Ritzy is actually a Naperville, IL based company. Supporting local business has never been an easier decision! If you want to explore additional reviews, you can find their line of diaper bags on Amazon. HERE is a link to a style I think is fun and practical. Being someone who loves black but is a bit more conservative, I actually ordered this gem. To say I was blown away by the style, organization of the bag, the comfort and the quality is not an exaggeration. The amount of pockets makes my heart happy, and while it is quite slim (I’m 5′ and it does not overwhelm my frame!), it will easily get me through a weekend away. Be sure to check out all their styles HERE.

While I have you here, let’s gaze upon one of those previously mentioned clients’ beautiful newborn, Olivia. Yes, I have an incredible job. Yes, it’s challenging at times. Yes, I love every minute of it. Enjoy!

posed newborn with moon prop
newborn in holiday bonnet
beautiful baby girl with rose swaddle
baby girl in basket prop
newborn girl with Santa lovie

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