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Why is it important to find the best newborn photographer? Why newborn photography? Well, throughout time, one thing has remained the same – the art of freezing joyous moments in time through portraits. Be it cave paintings, murals, or even old school Polaroid photographs, the purpose of all these has been to behold a moment in a tangible object so it may be revisited at any time, bringing with it some of our most precious memories. Time flies by. Sleepy new parents will wake up one day and have a hard time recalling the details of their little one, which have changed so dramatically in a matter of weeks. These newborn moments are unlike any other. Capture them. Capture them well.

Old school newborn portrait —->

It is no wonder capturing a new soul, a new member of a family, is such an important genre of photography these days.  Unlike everyday photography, however, there are some special considerations one should keep in mind to ensure the newborn’s portrait session is as memorable as it is safe. 

Looking for that perfect newborn photographer for you?  Before finalizing a contract, lets take a look at some considerations you should look for in a newborn photographer, whether it be a Naperville Newborn Photographer, Elmhurst Newborn Photographer, Hinsdale Newborn Photographer, or one hired in another country.  All these factors matter!

Newborn Safety

The safety of your newborn must be the Photographer’s topmost priority. Always. But having the ‘Newborn Photography’ tag in their bio does not ensure they are trained in newborn photography and newborn safety. When you search the term ‘Best Newborn Photographer near me,’ you will come up with hundreds of results. To filter out the safest and the best Chicago area Photographers, you’ll need to look for those who have some valid credentials. 

Newborn session style

Various styles of newborn photography appeal to different people. None of them are right or wrong, so it is essential to discover the style of photography you are drawn to.  This will help ensure you adore your final newborn gallery.

Posed Sessions

In these types of sessions, which is the type of newborn photography offered with me, Lillybelle Rose Photography, your baby is gently guided into various poses. Props and accessories add style to your images, while various poses and angles capture every detail of your newborn. This type of newborn session requires a photographer who is experienced with posing, soothing and safety.  Baby’s safety, again, must be top priority.

Lifestyle Sessions

In lifestyle sessions, a photographer will capture less newborn detail, but focus on the connection between family members. While these sessions are typically captured in a client’s home, some studios offer a relaxed lifestyle set or two.  If you are interested in this type of session, use the search term “Lifestyle Newborn Session” for some great options throughout the Western Suburbs of Chicago.

Baby Led Sessions

Unlike posed sessions, baby-led sessions focus on capturing baby in a natural state. These types of sessions work well for babies over three weeks of age who are no longer as content with posing. They can be considered part of a lifestyle session, but are very different from a posed newborn session.

When to schedule your newborn session

Trust your photographer to ascertain the best time to take photos of your newborn. While a posed newborn session requires a younger newborn, other styles offer more flexibility.  My favorite time to capture newborns is between 6-18 days new, when they are still *very* flexible, sleep soundly, and love to be swaddled. You can find out more information about this HERE.

One thing is certain, your baby is very sleepy and flexible within the first couple of weeks. This would be the best time for any photographs while they can be coaxed into various positions without any discomfort. In addition to the previously mentioned reasons for getting a baby in the studio as soon as possible, they change so quickly!!!  Compare a hospital image taken when baby first arrived to an image captured at four weeks and you may not recognize them as the same little human!


Regardless of your style preference, always look for a photographer with high level of experience in the genre of newborn photography. Inexperienced photographers might not have the skills to deal with rapidly changing situations like an awake or fussy baby. Check out their websites, social media profiles, and send over an email with any questions you might have.  Do your due diligence.


This is important. The cost of hiring a newborn photographer is not so simple as being measured in the amount of time they spend with your baby.  Every photographer will offer different services and packages, so carefully consider what you are getting with your investment.  Also consider their level of experience in relation to their cost – more often than not, you get what you pay for.  

Additional considerations

Aside from the points mentioned above, there are some additional things to keep in mind.  Let us go through every aspect of a session with Lillybelle Rose Photography as your newborn photographer. 

When to schedule your newborn session

I highly recommend scheduling your session when you are early in your second trimester to ensure availabilty. The date selected via the online scheduler should be approximately 5-10 days after your estimated due date.  This booking will secure a spot on my calendar, and be adjusted if needed once baby arrives.

Printing Rights

You will have full printing rights of your high resolution digital files with Lillybelle Rose Photography. Included is a consumer print lab recommendation. But, where you print really matters, so you will have the option to order gorgeous professional print products through your online gallery. Plenty of samples at the studio for you to browse!

What to Bring to Your Session

You will receive a welcome email with a short list of items to pack the night before your session.  Beside baby { 😉 }, I recommend you bring along with a couple of extra diapers, an extra bottle or supplemental bottle if nursing and your supply is low, and a pacifier for distracting from posing if needed. No newborn outfits or accessories needed, as the studio has everything we need to beautifully capture your newest addition. 

In conclusion, every photographer’s style and manner of handling sessions are different. At Lillybelle Rose Photography, your experience matters.  Your baby’s safety matters.  A gallery filled with quality, beautifully edited images and a lot of variety matters.  Why settle for less?

Here is a peek at some typical images clients receive with their newborn galleries…My little client, Wren, looks very content, wouldn’t you say? <3

smiling newborn on white in wrap with toes and fingers details
sleepy newborn in bowl prop with cream and pink
newborn picture with Purple Heart
baby sleeping on purple backdrop with rolls and flower headband

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