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While every newborn session can include photographs with your precious newborn, both parents and baby’s siblings, not all clients decide to include family photos in their session.  I understand parents are t.i.r.e.d. those first few weeks (or months!) after welcoming a baby into the family.  Parents published an all-telling article about just how sleep deprived new parents really are.  But…here goes Francine on her mini soap box…consider who will cherish these family images most.

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As new parents, we work hard to document all the baby milestones.  From their first newborn pictures, their first visitors, their first steps…all the firsts.  We scroll through photographs noting how quickly they’ve changed, and just how fast time flies.  Then the newborn portraits get tucked away for safe keeping and come out for special occasions. Speaking of safe keeping, be sure to read a great post about organizing and storing your digital photos here!  After the busy years of high school, your little one is all grown up and ready to leave the nest.  And then it hits.

First family photos

Those very first photographs of you and your all-grown-up-baby have become more valuable than ever before.  Your child will look at them in awe of how small they were, and they will see the joy and love in your eyes.  That’s right – they will see the love, the joy, the connection.  They are not looking at your tired eyes (Which, by the way, are always given some TLC in photoshop!) or the clothing you were wearing.  They will treasure the family photos taken at their newborn photoshoot more than you could imagine.

And soon they will begin to create their own family.  They will share these treasures with their significant other, their future children, and even their grandchildren.

As I step off my mini soap box, I hope you realize this push to have my clients pose for a family picture or two comes with love and understanding.  I am a mom of three.  I am also someone who lost her Mom too young and barely has any images with her Mom.  Do it.  Schedule that newborn photoshoot here, or if your little ones are not so little, find a local family portrait photographer and get. those. family. portraits. done!

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